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In an increasingly competitive world the need to nurture a global mindset is crucial. Our unique and powerful system blends traditional classroom experiences seamlessly with our powerful online learning tools creating a borderless learning experience.

We give students the support they need to excel in our highly competitive world. By being communicatively and culturally competent, our students are sure to come out on top with the competence instilled through our programs.

Our system puts students on a path to learning English by first giving them the tools they need to master everyday, functional vocabulary.

Students will expand and solidify their understanding of newly acquired English through a sequence of activities that includes contextualizing new vocabulary through storytelling. This approach gives students the opportunity to advance all four-language skills though speaking, listening, reading, and creative writing tasks. In addition, we provide consistent feedback in fun and innovative ways to keep students motivated and inspired to meet their next challenge!

Blended learning optimizes learning by giving students full access to all lesson materials and assignments online, anywhere they are, anytime.

This open access allows students to maximize their time outside of class so that in class they are more confident and better prepared to engage with the teacher and other students in real time. This blended learning platform powered by Pocket Passport has been proven to both increase the efficiency of the learning process and dramatically increase the speed of students’ overall skill development.