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Welcome to Better-U. Our vision is in our name: we are committed to offer products and services that help our customers, our employees and our partners improve each day.

The founders of Better-U are Think Fitness (https://www.thinkgroup.co.jp/) and Harry Hill, (https://www.linkedin.com/in/harry-hill-251146/). Think Fitness, founded by Eiji Tezuka, is one of the leaders of the fitness industry in Japan. In addition to launching Gold’s Gym in Japan, Think Fitness is committed to bringing a wide range of products and services to improving the fitness infrastructure of Japan. Eiji’s goal is to make fitness a positive lifestyle decision for everyone in Japan, not just athletes.

I am a serial entrepreneur who for many years was the President and CEO of Oak Lawn Marketing (OLM). OLM is one of the leading direct marketing companies in Japan known for its Shop Japan brand. During my time at OLM, Shop Japan became the market leader in delivering home fitness with several iconic hit products like Billy’s Boot Camp DVD set, the Wonder Core series of products, the Leg Magic series of products, and TRF Easy-to-dance set in conjunction with Avex to name a few. Helping everyday people of all ages live a healthier life became a mission for me.

Eiji and I became friends during the time when Billy’s Boot camp became a social phenomenon in Japan in 2007. We bonded over a love of fitness, a desire to serve society, and a passion for the New York Yankees. We often spoke about joining forces to deliver an in-the-home and out-of-the home full-service company for people to lead a healthy and happy life through fitness, information and human interaction. Better-U is the culmination of those discussions.

Better-U Co., Ltd


Harry A. Hill


In April of 2020, we opened our first UFC Gym Japan location. The UFC Gym vision to “Train Different” and Mission to “Empower the fighting spirit” in our customers aligned perfectly with our goals for Better-U. Founded by the UFC and NEV, the goal of the UFC Gym is to deliver the highest quality training methods and science used to train UFC athletes to the everyday person of all ages. The primary goals are functional fitness, technique, and having fun (so people keep coming back to make fitness an integral part of their life). The other goal of the UFC Gym is to be the most family-friendly gym in the world. We embrace that goal in Japan with a deep passion to create a sustainable fitness lifestyle for adults and children.

While opening during the pandemic-ridden 2020 time frame has been challenging, we have learned that our focus in Japan to deliver high quality small group lessons on an appointment basis, stack “different” classes for our customers from our Ultimate X line-up like Daily Ultimate Training followed by our Group X line-up like Yoga, resonates deeply with our customers. We have grown rapidly at our first location in Yoga, Setagaya and will be opening our second location in the first quarter of 2021.

Friendly, challenging, and with an international flair, the UFC Gym Japan is a safe-haven both for our customers and our dedicated staff. Our vision is to “Train Different, Learn Different, Be Different.”

Quality First Shop

In addition to the UFC Gym Japan, Better-U has built a Select Shop for passionate coaches and trainers to promote special products and services. We have teamed with Tomo Okabe to deliver her hiqh-quality grass-fed organic protein (with a special focus on women) and others to launch this direct to consumer service. We are now diversifying to team with other dynamic and passionate leaders of the fitness and wellness industry to deliver high quality products and contents to our customers’ homes.


While the focus of the UFC Gym is building healthy lifestyles through functional fitness, our customers responded to the global atmosphere of our gym with a desire to add English acquisition and learning. Teaming up with Dr. Charles Browne of Meijo University and Scott Crowe of Nuthouse English, we have built a strong curriculum for children and adults to build an English foundation through participating in our fitness programs with the option to elect to do additional English training after physical training. Current educational research indicates that language acquisition through movement and following physical exertion can be more effective. We have also started to send our Fitness and English coaches to nursery schools to help build a physical and English foundation in 1-3 year olds, who can be eligible to attend the UFC Gym with their families upon entering pre-school. We have partnered with Japan Nursery Service Corporation to launch this innovative service.

Corporate Profile

  • Company name:

    Better U Co., Ltd.

  • Established:

    February 5th 2019

  • Head Office:

    Chuo Gotanda Bldg, 5th floor, 2-3-5 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan 141-0022

  • Executive President & CEO

    Harry A. Hill

  • Board Members

    Eiji Tezuka
    Daijiro Ui

  • Corporate Auditor

    Kazushige Kondo

  • Business Activities

    Operation and Management of Fitness clubs
    Operations and Management of English Language Classes and related activities
    Digital content creation and streaming
    Store Operations and Sales
    Sales, importation and development of healthy products and supplements
    Contracted Babysitting Services
    Software development